Gerald Veasley
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Place of Birth: Philadelphia, PA

Date of Birth: Sometime between Watergate and Pearl Harbor

Wife - Roxanne, who still calls me "baby"
Children - Kyle, radio industry veteran who is my unpaid consultant, Vanessa, a model with brains (so there), Taylor, an honor roll student who is very ticklish

Sign: Leo, but feel like a Gemini

Favorite Food: Chocolate

Favorite Sports Team: Philadelphia Eagles

Sports Fantasy: Play a set with Andre Agassi ("nice serve, Gerald")

Historical Figure I would like to have dinner with: Muhammed Ali

Most Important Tip Ever Received from a Musician: "Be patient, it will happen," saxophonist Odean Pope

Favorite Quote from a Musician: "Everybody's got something to say" - Grover Washington, Jr., defending the rights of musicians to play without criticism

Number of years in Joe Zawinul's band: Seven, a world record for bassists

Pets: Molly and Coco. Cats who live in different parts of the house until their divorce is final

My Favorite Gerald Veasley CD: Are you kidding? Whatever I'm selling right now. No, seriously:

. Look Ahead is the most eclectic
. Signs is the best produced
. Soul Control biggest labor of love
. Love Letters is a fan favorite
. On The Fast Track was the best seller
. Velvet is the one I enjoy listening to the most
. At The Jazz Base is the most "real"


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